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Pet Health Insurance 101

I thought I knew a lot about pet health insurance, but it wasn't until this past month when I started researching the different companies for a new employee benefit that I really learned what the differences were and how to compare.

I urge every veterinary practice to inform their clients about pet insurance. The fact is that clients with pet health insurance will generally spend twice as much over their pet's lifetime. How would that help your bottom line? When I say inform your clients, I believe your team should be educated as well. Simply placing brochures from each company is not sufficient. Your clients are not looking for passive marketing, but instead your recommendation as a professional. Invite your top 3 or 4 reps from the companies to come in and educate your team so they can better answer client questions.

Things to consider when researching companies:

  • Ease of claims processing

  • What is the annual deductible?

  • Is there a per incident deductible?

  • What is the waiting period for accidents? Illnesses?

  • Does the plan cover chronic conditions?

  • What about pre-existing conditions?

  • Are there wellness benefits?

In our referral practice, I can honestly say that compliance is much better when the clients come in with pet health insurance. They don't have to be forced to make a decision based on finances. Introduce it as part of your puppy/kitten talks and invite them also to visit to compare companies.

- Cheryl Lewis, CVPM