1. Rusty: Paralyzed to Walking In One Month!

    On October 31, 2019, Rusty Kaehn, a nine-and-a-half year-old Weimaraner, had  MRI on that showed he was suffering from caudal cervical spondylomyelopathy (CSM), or Wobbler syndrome. CSM, a disease of the cervical spine (base of the neck) that is commonly seen in large and giant-breed dogs, is characterized by compression of the spinal cord and/or nerve roots, which leads to neurological signs a…Read More

  2. Maximizing Max’s Recovery

    Six-year-old Max is "a big, beautiful, goofy black Lab," who's clearly adored by his two humans, Ingrid Bergstrom. and her neurologist husband, Dr. Craig Bogen. Athletic like most Labs, Max is also injury-prone. A year ago he suffered a neck injury so when Max fell down the steps recently, the local ER veterinarian near their home in Delaware recommended going to VNIoC for a full work-up, which wo…Read More

  3. Help Us Help Animals!

    Helping Pets in Need Through the AVMF Charitable Fund VNIoC is proud to be participating in the AVMA's Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, an umbrella 501c3 administered by the American Veterinary Medical Association that allows us to accept donations for care of neurology patients in need of financial assistance. Funds are used to provide neurology and imaging care for (but not necessarily limited t…Read More

  4. Down Dog Emergencies

    Referring Back Emergencies: Things to Know The referral process for a back fracture, paraplegic dog +/- negative deep pain perception: During the day (8am-6 pm), call our rDVM Direct Line at 443-584-3413 to set up a transfer. As always, you can also call into the main line at 410-224-0121 ext 5, but may have to wait on hold. Outside of normal hours, please refer the patient directly to AAVEC (An…Read More

  5. Simba was hit by a dump truck…

    If you’ve ever been to Healing Hands Animal Hospital on the Eastern Shore, you’ve likely met Simba the cat, who’s been the “practice pet” for the past 11 years. His family signed him over to Dr. Carol Ross Lewis after Simba was hit by dump truck and sustained serious injuries. While Simba healed well, he was left with a crooked jaw and a tongue that often stuck out. As Stephanie Bystra…Read More

  6. Hemi-Spatial Neglect?

    This is a picture of a cat’s food dishes after it had eaten. Why do you think they look like this? We suspect this is an example of “hemi-neglect” in a cat. Hemi-neglect, hemi-inattention or hemi-spatial neglect is a neuropsychological condition in people where they do not have awareness to the opposite visual field after damage to one hemisphere of the brain. For instance, if a person susta…Read More

  7. Q&A with Veterinary Anesthesiologist, Rebecca Krimins, DVM, MS

    What Happens When A Pet Is Anesthetized? Q&A with Veterinary Anesthesiologist Rebecca Krimins, DVM, MS Q: While the majority of veterinary anesthesiologists are employed by veterinary teaching hospitals., you’ve opted to work in private practice, Veterinary Imaging of the Chesapeake (VIoC). Why is having a veterinary anesthesiologist so important in this type of practice? A: When a patient …Read More