You can schedule MRI scans for your four-legged patients at our office by filling out the referral form below. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully and send in all the required paperwork. Contact our office if you have questions or run into any issues.

The information listed below must be submitted or faxed to Veterinary Neurology and Imaging of the Chesapeake at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

Same day MRI appointments are available and must be made over the phone.

Please, Do NOT send forms 1 & 2 with the pet parent.

Referral information required includes:

Please give the following forms to your pet parent to bring to the MRI scan:

      • All patients must have fasted for 8-12 hours prior to general anesthesia. Water is fine. For patients that have particular fasting needs (i.e. diabetics, neonates, etc.) please contact VNIOC for specific fasting recommendations.
      • All patients will be placed under general anesthesia and have an IV catheter placed. The IV catheter will be removed after the scan. If you would like the catheter to remain in place, please let us know.

We understand that each case is different. If you have specific questions about pet MRI scans for our coordinator, please contact or call 410-224-0121 ext 8.

MRI Scan Request Form
Region To Be Scanned Form
MRI Forms 3, 4 & 5

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