The most common surgeries that we perform are hemilaminectomies and laminectomies. These are required when a patient has a herniated disk pinching off the spinal cord.

When we perform this surgery, we cut a section of the spinal bone from the spinal canal so that the spinal cord can go back to the normal shape and function. We will clean out the herniated disc to make sure the spinal cord has room, and if a tumor is found, we will do our best to remove it and place a barrier over the top of the area to protect the spinal cord.

Hemilaminectomies and laminectomies can be performed at any spot in the neck or back, depending on where the problem lies. We have a very high success rate, especially if the issue is caught early, and most of our patients are back up and walking with no problems within a few hours, days, or weeks.

Our neurosurgical veterinarians can also perform many surgeries on brain tumors, making the smallest incision possible so that we can visualize the tumor and remove all of the tumor. When complete removal isn’t possible, we take out as much of the tumor as we can. Even if we are not able to get it all, taking a sample will allow us to send it out for a biopsy so we know if there are any other steps we need to take to treat and heal.

Neurosurgery is a major procedure that comes with strict post-operative instructions. Patients will need to be confined for six to eight weeks to fully heal. During that time, we will continue to work closely with the patient, pet parent, and referring doctor to ensure a successful recovery.

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