Vet Neurology & Imaging Specialists located in Annapolis & Towson, Maryland

As one of the most trusted vet specialists in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Veterinary Neurology & Imaging of the Chesapeake provides top-notch care to patients. The surgical techniques our specialists use are on the cutting edge of veterinary medical technology, and our founder, Dr. Jay McDonnell, helped to pioneer many of those techniques. In addition to the highest quality of care possible, we provide comprehensive testing, imaging, screening, and more. See the infographic below to learn more.

“Dr. McDonnell and his team are the most caring and conscientious people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with in all of my many, many visits to vet specialists. Dr. McDonnell’s gentle and compassionate nature did wonders to calm my nervous kitty Nero during his many visits, and during Nero’s touch-and-go recovery, Dr. McDonnell never once was willing to give up on him. Dr. McDonnell’s skill and unending care, and his team’s personal kindness were the linchpins that got Nero, and me, through such a harrowing ordeal. The care they provide to your pet, and you, is truly unequalled.”

– Jean Crispens & Nero