Vet Neurologist in Annapolis and Towson, Maryland

The most common reasons our vet partners refer neurology consults to us include seizures, behavior changes, trouble walking, and pain in the back and neck.

Cases where the companion animal loses the ability to walk is considered a neurological emergency, and those referrals take scheduling priority. Once paralyzed, quick action is needed by everyone, or the window of opportunity to heal may be lost.

We always try to manage referrals with medication prior to running diagnostics and doing treatments. However, there are times when a myelogram, MRI, spinal tap, or other advanced diagnostic is needed. When required, we also perform surgery, including emergency, life-saving, neurosurgery.

Our entire staff knows how scary it can be when a pet parent is told they need a neurology consult with a vet neurologist. It’s a scary time, mostly because their companions look and feel very sick.  During this time, we know people need to understand what’s happening in compassionate, easy-to-understand language.

We’re here to help animals, and people, with the goal to make every referral a success.

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