Dr. Hannah Evans, Veterinary Anesthetist

Veterinarian Hannah Evans, DVM, joined the VNIOC in September 2016, where she oversees anesthesia and the veterinary care of patients undergoing imaging.

Dr. Evans grew up in Pasadena, Maryland, and is happy to be returning to the area after receiving her DVM at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville School of Veterinary Medicine and completing her internship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“I fell in love with anesthesia at vet school when I was part of the anesthesia crew. I collaborated with other students and anesthesiologists to develop anesthetic protocols for each patient,” she explains. “I got to pre-medicate, induce, and intubate 1-2 animals daily, and monitored their vitals while they were undergoing the procedure. I found I wasn’t interested in doing surgery so I knew I didn’t want to do general practice. The opportunity here seemed ideal.”

Dr. Evans recently purchased her first home, in Anne Arundel County, which she shares with her 7-year-old American pit bull, Mack. Dr. Evans also spearheads the VNIoC Wellness Initiative by providing content and resources for staff members to maintain their physical, mental, emotional and financial wellness habits.

In her free time, Dr. Evans, who is a certified writing tutor, likes to write and read, and for stress relief, bake—something the staff appreciates.

Carol Gagnon, RT (N)(MR)(CT), Imaging Technologist

Sarah Roccamo, Imaging Technologist

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