I would drive hours to seek their service and care.

While my experience was most difficult and as unpleasant as they get it, having lost my best friend, I can find peace in knowing that my puppy had the best care. Speaking with the Dr. I was most confident that he was the best of the best. I am such a skeptic and usually feel the compulsion to immediately google everything and fact check what I am being told. It's been a week since my puppy passed away and I feel no need to fact check the neurologist - his deductive reasoning sorting through all possibilities based on his years of personal experience and education was more thorough than any research I could conduct myself. Furthermore, there was a person behind these cold facts of life; a loving person that matched my dedication to my pet and doing what was in her best interest. When I asked a personal question regarding his opinion and what he would do if it were his pet, I didn't get a generic whatever you think is best, I received a sincere response. In a seemingly hectic environment, it felt that he had all the time in the world to sit and patiently wait for my decision on what would be best for my baby. Our interaction ended with a warm hug, which I was reluctant to receive and didn't realize how much I needed. Should I ever find myself in a position that I need to utilize any service that Veterinary Neurology & Imaging of the Chesapeake offers, I would drive hours to seek their service and care. There is no doubt that all the doctors in this practice are exceptional, but I would like to personally credit and thank Dr. Pete Early.