Veterinary Hearing Tests in Annapolis and Towson, Maryland

The Brainstem-Auditory-Evoked-Response (BAER) test is the only 100% reliable method for determining that a dog is deaf. More importantly, it can accurately detect dogs that are unilaterally deaf (deaf in just one ear). Bilaterally deaf dogs are usually easy to identify, as they do not respond to any noises, including very loud or startling sounds. Unilaterally deaf dogs are notoriously difficult to identify because they compensate very well for the loss of hearing in one ear. Dog breeding associations that recognize deafness as a problem in the breed have specific recommendations for breeding BAER-tested dogs.

BAER testing detects electrical activity in the inner ear and auditory pathways in the brain in response to a click that is produced and directed into the ear with a foam insert earphone. The test produces characteristic waveforms that occur within 6 milliseconds of the click. Each ear is tested individually and is judged as “normal” or “deaf”. The total time for the test is between 5-10 minutes per dog. Testing is painless, with the most obvious objection being restraint or inserting the subcutaneous needles (comparable to acupuncture needles). Sedation is rarely needed for testing. Following the test, a printout of the recorded waveforms and a certificate of BAER test results is provided to the owner/breeder.

Please note that a puppy must be at least six weeks of age in order to get an accurate result