Originally from Cumberland, Maryland, Nicole started out as a CNA, as she had an interest in the medical field and taking care of people. After several years, she realized that animals were her true passion, so she enrolled in The Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, graduating in 2010.

Nicole explored several areas of veterinary medicine, including working for in a general practice and in emergency medicine, then moved on to specialty medicine, which she feels in a great fit for her.

A lifelong animal lover, Nicole has three dogs: Stella, a 12-year-old Chihuahua mix, Dante, a 10-year-old toy poodle, and Grace, a two-year-old mixed breed. Nicole’s favorite pastimes include hiking with her dogs, going to the gym, and visiting family as much as possible.


Danny “found” veterinary medicine through a long-time friend who worked for Dr. McDonnell.

“They had mentioned they needed a little help on Thursdays and I jumped on the chance,” he explains. “That was in 2012, and since then, I’ve been learning as much as I could about veterinary neurology as well as veterinary MRI. I started training in MRI once VNIoC was established as a company and haven’t looked back since. Today, five years later, I am the MRI technologist. I really do love helping animals and I hope as I continue to grow and learn I can help more.”

Aside from veterinary medicine, Danny enjoys training in martial arts, specifically Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reading non-fiction, and spending time with loved ones.

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